The Burton Musical Theatre Company


Become a patronThe company is very honoured to be supported by a large number of patrons who provide financial support through the Patrons package.

Patronage is renewed annually in time for the October Show.

The package is currently priced at £19 for a single or £36 for a double Patronage and entitles Patrons to a complimentary ticket, a programme and a drink from the bar for one of our shows.

Donations of £38 (single) or £72 (double) will secure complimentary tickets, programmes and drinks to both shows.

We contact our patrons to ensure that they have priority advance booking before cast and public.

If you would like to become a Patron or just simply more information, please contact our Patrons’ Secretary, Louise Evanson on 01283 543240 or complete the form on the contact us page