Simon Austin

Simon Austin


After many years of wanting to join such a high profiled theatre company, I was finally given the chance to be a member of the cast for Anything Goes and loved every minute of it.

Burton Operatic Society gave me part of the confidence and stage experience that you cannot learn from a textbook. Being part of a huge cast of extremely talented individuals, and learning to sing choral numbers in 4-part harmony has been beneficial when progressing from college to university and finally onto the professional scene.

Everybody has to start somewhere and being a member of this company and also the Mellow Dramatics gave a very similar, yet very different experience, both of which have contributed to being lucky enough to having a successful professional career in the performing arts world.

Burton Ops made me understand the importance of a show having a good solid chorus behind the principal cast, and realise that for any show to be successful, everybody has to play their part and give 100% in both the rehearsals and during show week.  These skills I have been able to take with me, and a strong attribute that casting directors have hired me for aside from being talented, is being a good team player.

People often ask me what I do for a living and when I tell them, they look at me as if I am crazy and sometimes say “how can you do that for a career?” and my reply is simple … “I love what I do” and this is partly because of the experience Burton Operatic Society gave me.

Since graduating from University and LSMT, I have been fortunate enough to not be out of work. Some of my latest credits include Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk, Asst. Cruise Director on CMV Marco Polo as well as lead production singer, Prince Charming in Cinderella and I am Lead Vocalist for Live Business summer 2015 production team.

Thank You Burton Ops

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