Made in Dagenham: 18th-22nd February 2025

Music by David Arnold, Lyrics by Richard Thomas, Book by Richard Bean

Made in Dagenham brings to the stage the empowering and inspiring true story of the Ford sewing machinists strike of 1968. Set in Dagenham, England, the musical follows the journey of Rita O’Grady, a determined and ordinary woman who leads her fellow female workers in a fight for equal pay and gender equality.

As the female machinists at the Ford factory face discrimination and unfair treatment, Rita steps forward as their unlikely leader. With the support of her husband and colleagues, she rallies her fellow women to demand equal pay and recognition for their valuable work. Their struggle gains national attention and becomes a pivotal moment in the history of the women’s rights movement.

Made in Dagenham is a powerful and poignant musical that celebrates the strength of working-class women and the importance of standing up for justice. With moving songs like “Stand Up” and “Everybody Out,” the show captures the spirit of unity and determination that fueled the women’s fight for equality.

Join Rita and her fellow workers as they challenge the status quo and inspire change in a story that resonates with audiences and reminds us all of the power of perseverance and solidarity. Made in Dagenham is a celebration of the human spirit and a testament to the impact of ordinary people coming together to make a difference.

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