As Time Goes By – 60 years in fact!

June 2012

As we all know, the Queen has just finished celebrating her 60 years (so far) sat in the best seat in all of England. But wait, is that music I hear? Yes, that would be right, as, for the Burton and District Operatic Society, the ‘Party of a Lifetime’ is still going strong.

Rehearsals have been underway since March to perfect songs that have filled our hearts with the ‘rhythm of life’ in preparation for our 60th Jubilee concert, taking place on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July at the Repton School Theatre.

We have been ‘sitting down to the rock the boat’, and ‘washing those men out of hair’, and that’s just the adults! Our lovely junior section has also come to join us again and serenade us as all good orphans should with a rendition from the popular musical Annie. “Smile Darn it, Smile!”

So, in the run up to the big show, we cordially invite you to take the second best seats in the house, and come and join us for what is going to be truly memorable evening. Oh, and here’s to the next 60 years!!

Please contact us for more details.