Music and lyrics by Cole Porter.

“Anything Goes” is a classic American musical that first premiered in 1934. The plot centers around the passengers aboard the ocean liner SS American, and the various romantic entanglements and hijinks that ensue during the journey from New York to England. The main character, Reno Sweeney, is a nightclub singer who falls in love with a wealthy Wall Street broker, Billy Crocker. But Billy is already smitten with Hope Harcourt, a debutante who is engaged to the stuffy English aristocrat Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. As the ship sails across the Atlantic, the characters engage in a series of mistaken identities, disguises, and comic mishaps.

Featuring memorable songs such as “I Get a Kick Out of You,” “You’re the Top,” and the title song “Anything Goes,” the musical is known for its witty lyrics, catchy tunes, and high-energy dance numbers. It also deals with themes of class, love, and the chaos that can ensue when people from different backgrounds are forced to interact in close quarters.

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