Book by George Abbott and Richard Bissell; Music and Lyrics by Richard Adler & Jerry Ross

Pajama Game is a story about a Trade Union dispute set against a background of factory machines, played by factory hands, office workers and shop stewards. Yet it is one of the happiest, most romantic and richly comical musicals ever to be imported and packed with hit tunes. 

The Leading Man has baritone songs such as “Hey There” and “A New Town Is a Blue Town”. The modern-mezzo leading lady has “I’m Not At All In Love”, while together they sing “Small Talk” and “There Once Was A Man”. 

The young dancer-singer, Elizabeth Seal, made her name in the smaller part of Gladys, and stopped the show with “Steam Heat” and “Hernando’s Hideaway”. The comedy part of Hines has “Think Of the Time I Save” and “I Would Trust Her” (I’ll Never be Jealous Again”). There is exciting chorus work in the ensembles “Racing With the Clock”. “Seven and a Half Cents” and the rousing “Once A Year Day”. All of the music has great appeal to young audiences.

Produced by Frank Doran

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